Profoto Acute 2 3-Head Flash Kit

  • $ 50.00

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***This kit does not include a Light Meter or PocketWizard


Profoto Acute 2 2400 Power Pack

  • Six F-Stop Range
  • Asymmetrical or Symmetrical Distribution
  • Fan-Cooled
  • Light Sensitive Slave can be switched on or off
  • Switchable audible signal beeps when unit is fully recycled
  • Full power recycle in 2.9 seconds; .17 seconds at minimum power
  • 1/320 second flash at full power; 1/1800 second at minimum power
  • Proportional Modeling Lights Dim as Power Is Dialed Down

Profoto Acute 2 D4 Flash Head

  • 4800Ws Flashtube
  • 5400ºK
  • Compact Design
  • 5/8" stand adapter and built-in tilt-control lever
  • Protective UV, frosted glass dome for even illumination
  • Fan-Cooled
  • 250W Quartz Halogen Modeling Light
  • Long-Reaching Cable


Kit Includes:

  • 1x Profoto Acute 2 2400 Power Pack
  • 3x Profoto Acute 2 D4 Flash Head
  • 3x Reflector
  • 3x 60º Grid
  • 3x Westcott Optical White Satin Diffusion Umbrella (45")
  • 1x 16' Phono to PC Sync Cord 
  • 3x Light Stands


Rent with our Profoto Ringflash and Reflector!

Rental Policy


How to Schedule the Weekend

Sunday is only not a paid rental day if you wish to return Sunday and cannot (because we are closed). In that case, you will return first thing Monday morning.

To schedule to return Monday morning without getting charged for Sunday: Set the return for Saturday at 1pm. During checkout, write in the notes that you will be returning Monday morning. Please be sure to return Monday at 8am.


Rental Period

Equipment can be picked up at 4pm the day before the rental period.  Returns can happen between 8-10am the day following the rental period (Except Mondays. Reference Weekend Rentals above). Renters will be given a minimum of a $10 late fee or 20% of the day rate charged. Whichever is greater.


Pick-Up Discrepancies
Orders made during our closed hours will not be processed until the next morning that we are open and therefore will allow for some discrepancies.

We share our inventory between our Orem and Salt Lake City store and do our best to have equipment in the location that you wish to pick up. Consequently, last minute orders cannot be guaranteed to be all in one location as we are not given time to prep.


Credit Card on File in Case of Damage

A Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card may be kept on file. This agreement authorizes Red Finch Rental to use the card on file for any loss or damage to the equipment rented. A valid state issued ID is required.


Insurance is Not Provided

The renter of equipment accepts full liability for any loss or cost of repair. Insurance coverage is the responsibility of the renter. To purchase insurance, contact a provider like


Renter's Responsibilities

All rental equipment is checked by our staff to ensure proper working conditions prior to leaving the premises. Red Finch Rental must be notified immediately in the case of equipment difficulties at 801-360-3855. Failure to do so may result in full rental charge.  Red Finch Rental assumes no liability for equipment failure and/or availability. The renter is responsible for the proper care and operation of the equipment as well as the return of all included accessories. 

A $50 cleaning fee will be charged for equipment that is returned dirty.

If excessive cleaning is required, additional fees may be assessed to the discretion of Red Finch Rental Employees. Please do not remove filters from lenses. They are there for your protection.



If a rental is under $100 and is cancelled up to a week before the pick-up date is scheduled there will be no penalty and a full refund if necessary. However, if the rental is over $100 and cancelled up to a week before the pick-up, the renter will be required to pay 10% of the original payment. 


Any rentals cancelled within the week before pick-up will be required to pay 20% of the original payment or receive store credit in place of a refund.


Cancellation of any multi-week rentals within the week before pick-up will either be charged 20% of the original payment or can have Red Finch Rental keep their full payment as in-store credit to be used at a later date.


If the rental equipment has been picked up, cancellations or early returns will not result in a refund of money or any discounts.