Fantasy FX Professional Horizontal Haze Spray "Fog In A Can" Odorless Haze Effects 8oz. (Ground Only)

Fantasy FX Professional Horizontal Haze Spray "Fog In A Can" Odorless Haze Effects 8oz. (Ground Only)

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Fantasy FX Professional Horizontal Haze Spray "Fog In A Can" Odorless Haze Effects 8oz. is a safe, odorless, convenient way to create an atmospheric fog / haze without using a large diffusion machine. Fog in a can is a safe way to create a dreamy atmosphere, easily providing the appearance of fog, haze or steam when used together with creative lighting. One of these 8 oz. cans will easily fill a 15' x 15' room 15 times (20 second sprays). To remove fog from room simply ventilate the room by opening the doors and windows.

Professional Haze itself is virtually invisible, so be sure to use one or multiple light sources to create dramatic results. "See the light" with Professional Haze in a can!


  • Ozone-safe, non- toxic, odorless, meets EPA standards. (No CFC's)
  • Create an atmospheric haze without a large diffusion machine.
  • Used in television, movies, stage, night clubs and photo shoots
  • Great way for cinematographers and still photographers to create effects.
  • Create dramatic light beams, softly diffused images, glowing halos, or fog effects.
  • Each 8 oz. can will easily fill an average-sized studio or sound stage.
  • Any overspray wipes off with a soapy cloth
  • Particles continue to work until ventilation removes them.
  • Great for Halloween!

Due to D.O.T. regulations, this item can be shipped by ground transportation only.

aka Diffusion In A Can
aka Fog In A Can
aka Smoke in A Can


Schools  Beams of light can be quickly spotted by spraying into the air, letting it spread evenly, then darken the room to show the beams in mid-air.

Police, FBI, CIA, CSI Units  For bullet trajectory, spray into the air, darken other light source and place laser pointers into bullet holes with a small dowel to see where
several points of laser beams meet. Helps determine origination and location of gunshot.

Laser Beam & Light Shows   Spray the area, use dim lighting. Beams should look even from source to contact point. Spray minimum 30 seconds for each application.

Mirror Balls  Turn down lighting and point light beams toward the mirror ball. Beams should look even from source to contact point. Spray minimum 30 seconds for each application. Wait to evenly spread and spray again. Great for wedding parties, discos, nightclubs and more.

Beams of Sunlight  Look for sunlight filtering through the leaves of trees. Place Fantasy FX Automatic Spray behind a tree, bush or rock (out of sight) and allow several minutes of spray to spread evenly throughout the area. May need several cans if larger area. Stand back 10’ or more and watch as the beams of light suddenly appear like magic.

Photography  Add dimension, ambiance, and interest to your photographs. Place behind the person being filmed and backlight for smoke, side light for steam, or front light for a light haze effect with moving swirls of haze while filming. Add a color changing light for colored smoke results that keep changing as you film.

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