Proaim Flycam Vista-II Arm and Vest Stabilizer

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Key Features
  • Universal-Fit Vest & Stabilizer Arm Kit
  • 4.4 to 33 lb Load Capacity
  • Changeable Spring Design
  • 21" Maximum Arm Length
  • Fits 28 to 60" Waist Size
  • Directly Attach Most Mechanical Gimbals



The Flycam Vista-II Arm and Vest Stabilizer from Proaim features a lightweight, foam-padded vest offering a universal fit, adjustable from 28 to 60" waist sizes. The vest is secured with push-fit buckles and hook-and-loop fastener straps that adjust to your size. Height is also adjustable between the waist and shoulders at the pull of a height-adjustment knob provided on the chest plate. The vest is made of thin aluminum plates, foam, and breathable synthetic fabric. All these features ensure a relatively lightweight and comfortable fit.

The vest and arm combined support up to 33 lb and allow you to highly stabilize your shots for extended periods with nearly eliminated stress on the arms and shoulders. The Vista-II enables you to follow your subject in just about any scenario. You can walk, run, or climb stairs, and much more, achieving consistently smooth cinematic shots while your hips, legs, and body absorb the weight of the load, leaving your hands free to focus on the camera angle.

The shock-absorbing arm has multiple joints of articulation and features a dual-spring design. The joints and springs are what stabilize the load by isolating shake and vibration. Furthermore, the elasticity of the springs is adjustable via a knob for different shooting conditions. The arm securely attaches to the vest on one end and extends out a maximum length of 21". The mounting platform for your load is a 16mm diameter post that supports direct attachment of mechanical gimbals such as the Glidecam 4000. Additionally, 19 and 22mm bushings are included for compatibility with other gimbals and supports.

Two sets of tension springs are supplied with the arm for different weight capacities, and they're color coded on the ends to make them distinguishable from one another. The blue springs are for loads weighing 4.4 to 13 lb, and the red springs are for 13 to 33 lb loads.

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