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My last three big shoots were in Iceland, Northern Nevada, and the Salt Flats. All of these have very different clements and very different environments. As a result I got to think what is the best things to wear while filming. This is a very important question because unlike medium such a writing or painting photographers/film makers have to go out into the world. So below I’m going to list what I feel are the most important types of clothing to have while you are working and what I have found helpful.





This is by far the most important piece of clothing. As the director Gary Marshall (Pretty Women, New Year’s Eve, Runaway Bride) said as his most important advice to people starting out in film  “wear good shoes. If you have bad shoes and your feet will hurt and you’ll have a hard time thinking. You’re finished”


I like to wear low top water proof hiking shoes with a Super Feet insole.


Merrell Moab



I like using low top hiking shoes because the laces don’t break, they have good grip, and the keep your feet dry. The only thing worse than sore feet is wet feet.





Superfeet—(the glories of insoles)



Dr. Scholl’s



Did you know that most all shoes just come with  a 3mm thick foam “insole” that basically compresses and is useless in a few weeks. Shoe companies do this because they don’t know what size your arch of your foot is so they just give up. So no matter what shoe you are using I would get a  insole for it. It will improve the comfort and the amount of time you can stand on your feet drastically. They can cost as little as $8 so it really is a fantastic thing to get.


Shirts and Paints


Shirts and pants are not as crucial as shoes but important all the same. The normal shirt for a pervious production when and jeans works pretty well in  most situations. But if you are going to be out in the elements I would recommend the fallowing.


Outdoor Research Duo Tee



These Wool blend shirts that a few complains sale fantastic. They keep you cool, dry and amazingly don’t stink. I know I didn’t believe it either but I wore one for three weeks in Iceland and no stink. Crazy.


Base Layer


Outdoor Research Paints



Nylon paints are also nice because they stay dry and will keep you cool in heat. Much more so than jeans will. Of course fashion comes into play and that’s a personal decision.



Base Layer- Bottom



Base Layer- Top



Any long underwear is so much better than no long underwear. But polyester base layer will do a lot better than the fruit of the loom stuff you get a Wal-Mart.




I feel that sun protection is very important while working. Hats a strong statement so when you work with a lot of people as I do I’m somewhat resistant to going into a weird hat situation. My favorite hat to use is a straw cowboy hat. The kind you get at gas stations. They keep the sun of the back of your neck and they a cool. But I know wearing a cowboy hat in Egypt isn’t a good idea. So when in Egypt or the middle east I’ll were a Arab head dress. It works great especially if you get stuck in any sort of sand storm. But the old film making standared is the baseball hat and for good reason. It’s a durable hat that keeps the sun out of your eyes. I like to were one that again is water proof and light so it doesn’t make me hot. So that’s a runners hat or a camping hat.










This is a hard one and it depends what type of work you are doing. I like to have a half finger glove on my right hand and a full finger glove on my left. I’m right handed so most of camera adjustments are done with that hand. I sometimes will keep a pair of really tit fitting gloves and in some cases that will work all the time. Nothing is worse than exposed skin when it’s super cold.




Cold Gear Under Armour gloves



Half finger gloves







That’s my list of things I like to use working outside in the elements. By far the most important thing to get out of all of these is some sort of insole for your shoes. It will improve your work life pretty much not matter what. After all we work on our feet.

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