Red Finch Subscription Program and Why Cash Flow is King

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You can now subscribe to Red Finch Rental gear!  This is the way it works:

  • if you sign up for twelve months for paying $30 a month you get $35 a month in credit.

  •  If you sign up for $100 a month then you get $115 a month in credit. 

  • If you sign up for $1000 a month then you get $1150 a month in credit and 15% off all orders after that credit runs out. 

  • And so on…

  • Academy rewards points will still be earned.

And what’s more, the credit doesn’t expire. That means you can build up credit for a few months and spend it all at once.
So I hear you ask. “Why would I want to do this?”
This is the reason. Because your money dude (AKA accountant) hates surprises.
Here is example of a conversation.
Filmmaker: I need $XXXX for a rental next week
Accountant: What the crap. I need more warning.
Filmmaker: But we really need it...
Accountant: OK, but next time…
Filmmaker: Great!
But of course, the filmmaker doesn’t get much warning the next time either, and it’s same frustrating conversation on the next shoot.
Businesses do not like surprise expenses for two reasons.

  1. The money is budgeted already. That means when you come in for surprise expenses, they have to pull the money from somewhere to make it work. 

  2. Another reason is that your boss has to report up to someone else. If they have a huge expense like thousands of dollars in one month, they have tell someone, “Well, our numbers would be better this month but the film department needs….” See that’s awkward for you and awkward for them. In business, cash flow is king. Big one-time expenses are the enemies of good cash flow. 

So, by subscribing to Red Finch Rental you will provide predictable expenses for your accounting department. It will be budgeted in. You can then use the credit when you need it. Also, you will only have to have ONE conversation about getting budget for rental rather than a new conversation every time you have a shoot.
Another reason business doesn’t like the way the film productions work is that the way expenses run it looks kind of like embezzlement. “I really want to rent my buddies camera. We went to college together.” See how that sounds bad. If you rent from Red Finch Rental with our published low prices your boss will not think you are just taking money from the company to give to friends and family.
If you have any questions about the subscriptions, please feel free to call us. If you want, I can even come to your business and explain the program to your money dude. It really is a win-win program. 
Mark Hedengren

New gear!

2 - Canon XF705 4K Pro Camcorder  - $200

1 - Canon 400mm f/2.8L IS III USM Lens - $100
1 - Canon 24mm f/14 Venus Optics Laowa Probe Lens - $75
1 - Zhongyi 20mm f/2 Super Macro 4.5x EF Lens - $30

Camera Support:
3 - Anton Bauer 156Wh Gold Mount Battery - $15

1 - DJI Ronin-S Focus Motor - $20
1 - Ronin 2 Counter Weight Set - $10
1 - Teradek RT MK3.1 Brushless Lens Motor Add-On - $50
1 - Teradek RT Thumbwheel S Standard Wired Controller Add-On - $25

3 - Dracast Fresnel LED1500 Bi-Color Light with Wi-Fi - $25

1 - Pack of Flashlights - $10

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