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Anamorphic Lenses, Rainbow Quasars, Teradek 500

I want to thank everyone who gave feedback in the survey. Red Finch has grown so quickly that it’s been a race to keep our systems up to date. In the Salt Lake Store in particular, I was completely taken off guard by the demand. I was working from 4 am to 9 pm every day for a month just to respond to that demand. Your survey responses were helpful because I’m always looking for ways to improve Red Finch. If you ever have any feedback for us,  just let me know. Based on your feedback, here are some immediate changes we put in place:
We are doubling our routine maintenance schedule 
We are doubling the hours of our advanced technicians
We now have four Teradek 500 wireless video Tx/Rx
We now have 36 Rainbow Quasars
We have a wireless DMX controller
We have Anamorphic Prime Lenses
I’m still working on instituting some of the other suggestions, but I’m listening, and you will see more improvements soon.


I hate to report this, but Salt Lake City has become the number three city in the USA for property crime.  Here is the KUTV story on the problem. So be careful with your stuff. Do not leave it visible in a locked car being the most important one. Either take it inside (if it’s overnight), put it in a trunk, or, at a bare minimum, keep some blankets or jackets in your car to cover the gear.  Athos Insurance is a great place to get insurance.
Another thing I would like to address is that Red Finch Rental is a disruptive company. I mean it to be that way. One of the great joys of the past two years has been watching my competition twist and turn to try to keep up with Red Finch innovation to the rental market. As with any disruptive company, there are going to be some who are unhappy with the fact that I’m even in business. When we opened the SLC store, I realized that we were essentially the first full service large rental store since the time when people thought 32 Kilobytes of RAM was pretty amazing. So, if you hear someone unhappy about Red Finch think “Does this person benefit from the status quo?” Overall, the great thing about Red Finch being disruptive is that even if you don’t rent from me I’ve made your life better. But that being said, I keep hearing stories about people who I’ve never met and who have never rented from us getting their undies all in a bunch that Red Finch opened a store in SLC or something else. My guess is it’s because they profited greatly from the old guard and they see Red Finch as a threat. But our low prices and great gear are not a threat. They make Utah filmmaking better. 

New Gear:


*1 - Atlas Orion Series A Anamorphic Three Lens Kit - $400

1 - Canon 24mm f/14 Venus Optics Laowa Probe Lens (Cine-Mod Version) - $80
Camera Support:
1 - Ice ND Filter Set with Adapter Ring (95mm)- $30
1 - Bower Variable Neutral Density Filter (95mm)- $10
2 - X-Rite ColorChecker Classic Card- $5
9 - D-tap to Rainbow Quasar - 6'- $3
1 - Gary Fong Lightsphere- $5
1 - MagiCue Teleprompter - 15"- $40
4 - Teradek Bolt 500 Transmission Kit- $60
1 - AKS Plus Wireless DMX Transmitter- $50
8 - Rainbow Quasar LED 2ft Tube- $10
+16 - Rainbow Quasar LED 4ft Tube- $10
20 - Extension Cord 12/3 SJO - 25'- $2
10 - Extension Cord 12/3 SJO - 50'- $2.50
2 - Extension Cord 12/3 SJO - 100'- $3
Red Finch Studio - Orem- $20/hour

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