Is YouTube Becoming the “How To” Network?

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Is YouTube becoming the “how to” network?

A lot is changing with streaming media platform YouTube. In 2008, YouTube was everything, but now, with the rise of platforms like Twitch (Gamers), Hulu (network/Cable TV), Facebook, and others its audience base is becoming less broad. YouTube has become the "How To" network, like how to change a headlight bulb in a 1998 Corolla. It was fun while it lasted, but with major media companies now considering streaming content their main outlet we are going to need to up our game to have our content and ads noticed. An excellent place to start is to use the same camera they use... Alexa or RED. 


Price Drops

Because of changes in Red Finch, I am now able to drop the prices on many popular items. 

Skypanels are now $75 a day (was $120)
Crossfade Quasars $5 a day (was $10)
Rainbow Quasars $10 a day (was $20)
C Stands are $1.50 a day (was $3)
Combo Stands $1.50 a day (was $3)
4x4 Floppy $1.50 (Was $3)
Full Sized Cargo Van $50 a day (Was $75)
You get the idea

And all Grip/Rages/Overheads/Flags/Diffusion Frames/Sandbags are now half the price they used to be. What a deal!

Also, we’ve changed the prices on some of our cameras.

Alexa Mini $850 a day (This is a crazy low price for a camera that is usually $1500 a day)

Alexa XT $350 a day (Again, this is a crazy low price for the camera that shot the 2018 Academy Award winner for Best Cinematography “Shape of Water” and the stunning "Blade Runner 2045")

Alexa Plus $175 a day (Again, the crazy low price for the camera that shot "Drive". One of the most beautiful films ever in my opinion)

RED Gemini $350 a day (Was $400)

RED Epic-W Helium $350 a day (Was $400)

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