4K Computer Monitors are now affordable!

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I like having a nice computer and a nice monitor. Rather ironically, this is because I don’t like sitting at the computer. The more pixels I can see at once and less time I have to wait for images render means the quicker I can be done. With a large high-resolution monitor and a speedy computer what would take six hours can take only four. That added up over the years is a big time savings.

Honestly this love of speed comes from the months I spent in a darkroom.  When you are making fiber based black and white prints you can make 2-3 prints in 6 hours. I know that sounds crazy but with chemical processing time and the trial-and error-way of making prints that is how long it would take. I hear people say they miss the darkroom and stuff but I can tell you I don’t. I spent so much time in poorly ventilated darkrooms that smelled of sulfur that honestly even now the thought gives me anxiety.

So when I saw that 4K Monitors have been quietly improving and getting lower in price over the past couple years I was excited. After some research it seems as if the Dell UltraSharp Monitors are \the best. While the monitors built into the 4K iMac’s are excellent the stand-alone 27 inch Thunderbolt ($1000) monitor hasn’t been updated in a long time and only has 2560x1440 resolution whereas the 4k has 3840x2160 ($600) and the Dell 5K has 5120x2880. The Dell 4K monitor is also half the price of the Apple. This probably is surprise because Dell is  primary know for crappy laptops. But somewhere in Dell land the company has decided to make a serious effort to make good computers and monitors for people in video/photography/graphics. I prefer to have a large monitor so I can see more photographs and menus at once. But the 5K 27 inch monitor maybe the best option for people in video. I know there is a lot of discussion about this but in the end it comes down to personal

Happy monitor viewing!

Dell 27 UltraSharp  Ultra HD+  5K Monitor ($1,649)

Dell 27 Ultra HD 4K Monitor ($600)

Dell UltraSharp 31.5 Inch Screen

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