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My basic theory is that whenever there is change there is opportunity. The biggest change in the movie business besides digital capture and editing is streaming video. Video streaming services such as YouTube, Netfilx, HBO NOW, Hulu continue to open up a world of possibilities.  Below I talk about some of the ways they have changed video and how that helps use here in Utah.

This is an obvious benefit to us in Utah. We are located far away from the traditional distribution centers of the world but thanks to streaming we can compete on equal footing. I still find it amazing that we in Utah can make content put it on youtube and the world can see it. An example of this is a friend of mine for the Czech Republic posted a video that was filmed 100 yards from my house. She was not connection to Utah in anyway but she still was entertained and informed by content produced in Utah.

Because it’s easier for content from Utah to get noticed we are not on the radar for major ad campaigns. If you think about it back in the day your goal was to get distributed in theaters/TV and then market your film in Theaters/TV. Now there are so many marketing options between facebook, blogs and everything else.

Content Creation-
Digital Cinematography has made the cost of creating content much much lower. A RED camera and a $2000 computer replace as $1,000,000 Panivision, $500,000 of film and processing, and a $10,000,000 lab. Dailies are now only a download away. That also isn’t taking into account the saved time on set. I went to a panel at the Sundance Film Festival producer of Dallas Buyers Club spoke. This man has been producing movies since the 80’s and he’s said “we used to have an hour a day of downtime on the set for film changes. An hour. That’s a lot of money.”
It’s a new world for film makers and streaming is just beginning to change the way we view, make and distribute films.

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