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On Agents-
The photographer Lauren Greenfield, who I used to work for, recently won the Grand Clio ( one of the top awards in advertising for her video “like a girl” ( You may have seen it kicking round Facebook. It’s a wonderful example of combination of art/documentary/commercial in a way few can do.
            I bring up Lauren a lot because she is by far the best example I’ve seen of business and art. Her husband is a Harvard business school guy and has devoted his career to her.  One of the things I learned from Lauren is the importance of using agents. I’m going to do a run down of the various agents she uses and how these agents allow her to work at the top of multiple fields.
I feel that if talented people in Utah, like yourself, could get good agents the level of work we would do in this state would skyrocket.
Stockland Martel (     
Stockland Martel is Lauren’s commercial agent for film and still photographs. Having an agent who works on this level is incredibly valuable because it give you access to work that you would never see otherwise.  The way major ad campaigns get made is a company like IBM hires a major ad firm like Leo Burnett ( Leo Burnett then looks at agents like Stockland Martel to find talent that would work well for their campaign. So if you don’t have an agent you really aren’t even considered for major ad jobs.
Institute (
Institute is an agency founded by Lauren Greenfield’s husband  Frank Evers. It handles all of Lauren’s editorial work. The trick with making money with editorial work (as I do with Getty Images) is syndication. You break even when you photograph the story but licensing the story subsequently is essentially like free money. The more the story syndicates the better. Having an agency is impaeraive to this syndication.
Magnolia (
Magnolia is the distribution company that bought the rights to Lauren’s latest feature film Queen of Versailles. As I’m sure many of you know distributors in film give you access to markets that would be extremely difficult to enter on your own.
That’s a brief run down on a few of the agents Lauren Greenfield uses. I feel much of the work done in Utah is of national/ international quality and that people here would get more work if they had an agent that would give them access to major markets in Tokyo/New York/Paris/LA/ London.
I have a show of my still photography show opening in the BYU Library Auditorium gallery today. It’s entitled The Natural Man and is a smaller version of the show that was up at UVU Museum of Art. The body of work is about why we recreate in nature. 

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