Movies are shot on Alexas, and We Have Them!

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Alex XT - $495 a day
Alexa Mini - $950 a day
Most all movies you see in the theaters are shot with one/or both of these cameras. For example, below are the movies nominated for academy awards last year and the camera they were shot with.. It’s exciting to be able to offer such top-notch cameras to Utah. You may not have noticed, but Red Finch has been offering more and more high-end cinematography gear. Such as a set of Schneider Platinum IRND filters that have been color matched, an O’Connor 2065 tripod system that is smooth as butter, a Arri MB-20II Matte box Complete Kit, and a quality set of six Schneider Cine lenses.

I would recommend Blade Runner very strongly if haven’t seen it yet. 
Blade Runner(Winner Best Cinematography Award)
Camera: ARRI Alexa XT and Mini cameras
The Darkest Hour
Camera: ARRI Alexa Mini Alexa SXT Plus
Mud Bound
Camera: ARRI Alexa Mini
The Shape of Water
Camera: ARRI Alexa XT Plus, Alexa Mini
Get Out
Camera: ARRI Alexa Mini

Lady Bird
Camera: ARRI Alexa Mini
Three Billboards
Camera: ARRI Alexa XT Plus

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