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2x SmallHD 7” Bright Monitor $45 a day each
2x Canon C200 Kits $150 a day each
8.5x18 Foot Grip Trailer with shelving and Two Ton Grip Package $225 a day
6x10 Foot Grip Trailer with shelving and One Ton Grip Package $150 a day
8x 256GB CFast 2.0 Cards $35 a day each
Epic Dragon Package $550 a day
Scarlet MX Package $200 a day
½ Ton Grip Package with Three 1K LED Bi-Color Lights
½ Ton Grip Package
2x 2k Lights, 4x 1k Lights Bi-Color LED Package $170 a day
and many more packages. Basically every camera, lens, and light we carry comes with some sort of package discount now. The package will pop up when you pull up the product page.
The “bright” SmallHD monitor has a 1000 cd/m² Brightness. That’s crazy bright. So you can see it in any sunny day situation.
The Canon C200 is a versatile camera. Contrary to its name it is more potent than the C300 Mark II. For example, it can shoot a RAW 4K File with the CFast cards. In many ways, it’s like a Sony FS7 and a URSA Mini combined into one camera.

CFast cards add a lot of versatility to a shoot. Red Finch is getting big ones, so you don’t have to change them as often. Each 256GB CFast card will hold 30 minutes of footage on the C200.

Our 8.5x18 foot grip trailer is wider than most so you can walk in it and not feel cramped. It's got a juicy middle that you can load all sorts of carts and dollies in. We’ve also built a 4'x4', shiny board, and speed rail box into it along with a desk, loads of shelving, and c-stand and combo stand racks.
The 6x10 foot grip trailer is big enough that you can stand tall and walk inside. It has a ramp, so it’s easy to load and unload. Again, it comes with a 4'x4', shiny board, and speed rail box. Along with loads of shelving, c-stand, and combo stand racks. 
The term “Gaffer” according to comes from the following:
“The origin of the term "gaffer" is the subject of some debate, but it is usually reported to come from early film days when studios relied on natural sunlight for lighting. Large sections of canvas roofing were opened and closed using long "gaffing hooks." Gaffs are also the name of booms on ships, and many early stagehands were sailors on shore leave.”

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