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Hey! I am Breanna for those of you who don't know me. I started working here at Red Finch Rental with Mark back in May. So far it's been great; it's really awesome to be able to meet and help lots of filmmakers and work around people who are passionate about the same things that I am.

Before I came to Red Finch Rental, I graduated UVU as a part of their film program. It was, honestly, a great experience. There are so many dedicated teachers and students there willing to help each other and work with one another to make some pretty cool projects. The program tries to be as hands-on and experience oriented as it can be. I can tell you that throughout my years there I had the chances to write, direct, edit, and produce shorts with other students as well as work as 1st AD, 2nd AC, Scripty, Grip and Electric, and much more. My favorite part about the program was that we had the chance to try out the things that we wanted to. We were given opportunities to practice what we had learned inside and outside of class.

My area of interest was focused on writing, though just about every part of film was quite fascinating to me. Sadly, though, the screenwriting side of filmmaking was lacking in my early years in the program. But, thanks to Alex Nibley and some other wonderfully dedicated teachers, it has been slowly growing. So, in my last few semesters, I was able to take some screenwriting and scipt editing classes that have helped me grow exponentially as well as be able to help other people.

The film program at UVU is not perfect, but it has never stopped growing. They have teachers who are experienced and who care about their students, they have studios and editing rooms and equipment that students can rent. I was able to gain experience in broadcasting, color grading, photography, and audio. I participated in a club for women in filmmaking, FEMME, and worked on projects with industry professionals from L.A. I was able to drive out to San Fransisco with a teacher and some fellow students to film pick-ups for a feature indie film. I know students from UVU who have started their own production companies and flown to other countries for documentaries.

UVU is a medley of people who are passionate and excited about filmmaking and all that goes into it and I loved the experiences and knowledge I was able to gain there.

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