Top Ten Films & Music Videos

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You may have seen this top ten favorite film list going around Facebook so I thought I would share mine. I also made a top ten music videos. Music videos are so much fun because really anything is possible. 

My top ten favorite films :

  1. Breaking Away
  2. Your Name
  3. Midnight in Paris
  4. Lawrence of Arabia
  5. Back to the Future
  6. The Big Short
  7. The Square
  8. Sing Street
  9. The Third Man
  10. Drive

Some of My Favorite Music Videos:

  1. Hurt (Jonny Cash)
  2. Upside Down & Inside Out (Ok Go)
  3. All the Single Ladies (Beyoncé)
  4. Weapon of Choice (
  5. Body Holly Wezzer
  6. Around the World
  7. Sabotage
  8. The Greatest (Sia)
  9. 99 Problems (Jay Z)
  10.  Tonight Tonight (Smashing Pumpkins)

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