A Brief History of Touched by an Angel

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Why Red Finch Rental is the best place to rent a RED camera (Or any camera or light for that matter)
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•    Most of our equipment is new because we are a new rental house
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•    Since we have been renting RED cameras since the very beginning (Our first camera was a RED One #117) we have the most experience in the state with REDs. 
•    Because our Owner, Mark Hedengren, has an MFA, has directed films and received the top the art award in Utah, we recognize that film is more than a product… it’s an art. 
Why the RED Dragon sensor is a very relevant sensor: Over 70% of Annihilation starring Natalie Portman was filmed with the RED Dragon Sensor. 
A Brief History of Touched by an Angel
Touched by an Angel was a CBS prime time show that ran for a miraculous 9 season and was filmed in Utah. It started in 1994 and it had a big impact on the Utah film industry. As television shows run longer, the rates they pay often increases. So, the longer a show runs, the more you get paid per a day you work on it. Having network shows, back when Network TV was still an overwhelming force in media, run for nine seasons is the closest thing you can have to real job security in our business. 
One of the reasons Touched by an Angelwas filmed in Utah was because of our gloriously varied landscape. They could make it seem as if the angel, who the show centered around, was traveling around the USA but only have a max of 6 hours driving. So, there was a lot of location work which made the crew that was on the set close and from all reports had a fun time.  You can view the opening credits with this link 
The show followed a similar format to iconic movie producer, Michael Landon’s (Little House on the Prairie), show Highway to Heavenin which an angel travels around the country helping people with problems they are having in their life.  Thanks to the miracle of the internet and if you have a subscription to CBS Access you can view all nine episodes with this link. 

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