Death of HMI Lights & Sale Tax Exemption Form

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Fill out the TC-721 Sales Tax Exemption Certificate and become sales tax exempt if you make film for commercial purposes. Email the form to

HMI lighting is dead. Yes, you heard me. We are here to witness the death of the arch light (the first type of electric lighting that pre-dates the incandescent bulb). The end of hot lights that take three switches to turn on. That need leather gloves to be touched. That need to cool down before they can be moved or turned on again. That take incredible amounts of power. That use crazy big/loud/expensive generators. The end of lights that trip breakers. That make actors sunburned with their harmful UV rays and mess with sensors with IR light. The end of lights that cause fires. The end of lights that change color as the bulb ages. 
Red Finch Rental has gotten the new LED Punch Daylight that puts out more light than an ARRI M18. That’s right, more light. It’s more color accurate. It requires no ballast and only draws 5 amps.  Yep ¼ the power of a 1800w HMI. That means you can run 3 of these lights off of a Honda 2000 generator. You can put four into one household circuit. 
We have also gotten the famous Aputure D300d that puts out more light than a Joker 800 HMI and is more modifiable because it doesn’t require leather gloves to handle and has a Bowens mount. Making it super quick and easy to mount reflectors, softboxes, lenses, and beauty disks. I was so impressed by Aputure’s gear that I basically got the whole product line. This will give you many options for lighting. See the links below for more details. 
Again HMI is dead. Thank goodness. As with any technological change, there are winners and losers. Remember how that went down with chemical film. I knew this change was coming so I didn’t sink money into HMI lights. 
I’ve been hearing how hard it is to get a good gaffer. Red Finch Rental now has a roster of gaffers to recommend, all of which are experienced with modern lighting and will help your production move quicker and save you money. Lots of money. Set time is worth gold so not having to wait for a gaffer to mess with a bunch of obsolete HMI's is going to put $$$ in your pocket. 
For example, you could get a gaffer which ranges from $350-$450 a day and a one-ton package in a cargo van with four Skypanels for less than $1000 a day.  That is the gaffer, and the lighting package for less than other places give you for just the lights. Just give us a call, and we can put you in touch. 
Best of luck!


Here's the new gear we've added this month:
2 - Canon C300 Mark II - $200
3 - GoPro HERO7 - $30
1 - Tokina Cinema 16-28mm T3.0 - $70
2 - Canon CN-E 18-80mm Compact Servo Lens - $90
1 - Zoom Grip for Compact Servo Lens - $20
Camera Support:
1 - DJI Wireless Follow Focus - $50
1 - SmallHD 502 Bright On-Camera Monitor 5” - $50
1 - Wooden Camera Zip Matte Box (80-85mm) - $20
1 - Wooden Camera Zip Matte Box (90-95mm) - $20
1 - Wooden Camera Zip Matte Box (100-105mm) - $20
1 - Wooden Camera Zip Matte Box (110-115mm) - $20
2 - Punch Daylight - $95
1 - Aputure Light Storm C300D - $35
3 - Aputure Light Storm C120D II - $25
3 - Aputure Amaran Bi-Color Mini Light - $10
1 - Aputure Light Dome 35” - $20
1 - Aputure Light Dome II 34.8” - $25

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