LiteMat LED Lights Speed Lighting Time and Save You Money

Posted by Mark Hedengren on

We now how SIX LiteMat 4 Series 2 LED Lights by LiteGear. If you haven't used them yet, they are going to change the way you make films.  What all the features add up to below is a light that can cut the time of setup for close-ups and medium shots by 90%. The panels can be set up, adjust the color temperature and brightness, modify with a super quick matte box with 1/4, ½, and full diffusion in about 1-2 minutes rather than the tradition 7-14 minutes it takes on a traditional light. That means you save almost 10 minutes with every close-up or medium shot! Added up over ten shots, that's 100 minutes of set time saved. In the words of the beautiful Nicole Kidman, “Time on a movie set is gold!” Now let’s say you have a crew of 10 people each of which is making on average $20 and hours. That means $332 in crew time. Not to mention the creative flow of the set moves faster and it's less dangerous.

LED lights arrived last year. Most all LED lights made before 2016 have a CRI rating of 90 or less. That means they have problems with magenta casts. Modern LED’s like these LiteMat’s have a CRI rating of 95+ which makes them more color accurate than Kino Flo!

I’m excited about these developments in lighting, and I feel it could have as great an impact on filmmaking as digital cameras. It’s an exciting time to be in motion pictures. Best of luck.

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