Loads of New Gear! And Facebook's Push into Video

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Sigma Art 24-70mm 2.8 IS (that’s right 2.8 and with image stabilization) $30
2x Sigma Art 85mm 1.4 Lens $30
Canon 100mm 2.8 IS Macro Lens $30
Sigma Art 12-24mm 4 Full Frame Lens $30
Sigma 100-400mm IS 5-6.3 Lens $30
Sigma 140-600mm IS 5-6.3 Lens $30

2x Sony FS7 Camera
Sony A7r II  DSLR
3x Easy rig

4x M18 1800w HMI $90
3x Arri Skypanel S60-C with 3x diffusion and Arri case $120
46x Quasar 4ft Crossfade (bi-color) $10 a day each
6x Kino Flo six bank 4ft Crossfade Quasar (Bi-Color) $60 a day each
12x Quasar 2ft Crossfade (bicolor) $10 a day each
2x Kino Flo six bank 2ft Crossfade Quasar (Bicolor) $50 a day each
Mark Zuckerberg calls (Facebook) a “video-first” platform
Facebook is making a major push into video. I think this is a significant opportunity for digital content makers and puts YouTube on the defensive. Google made a terrible mistake with its Google Plus social network when it should have been working on socializing YouTube. After all, many of YouTube videos are distributed over Facebook. And since Facebook owns the means of distribution it is a perfect opportunity for them to replace YouTube.
    Mark Zuckerberg goes on to call video “a mega trend.” As I’ve said before, I feel video will become the main way we use the internet. Currently, we do a lot of reading on the web. The problem with that is the overwhelming majority of people in the world don’t like to read. Whereas everyone likes to watch videos.

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