Top Five Tips for Wedding Photographers That Isn’t About Gear

Posted by Mark Hedengren on

  1. Wear Good Shoes
If you have sore feet you can’t think and if you can’t think then you can’t do your job.


  1. Wear Sunscreen

Being a photographer is surprising like being a farmer. You spend a lot of time outside in the sun. Wear sunscreen and it will keep you healthy and looking young.


  1. You are the MC of the Wedding. Own it.

Read books on psychology and learn how to deal with people in expert ways. This aspect of wedding photography is more difficult than the photographing.


  1. Keep Weight off Your Back

When I first started work at Deseret News I noticed all the photographers had bad skin and bad backs. I made a promise this would not be me. You only get one back so don’t use a side bag and be careful how much weight you carry.  I recommend using a backpack or a waist bag that will put the majority of the weight on your hips.


  1. Your Phone/Website/Email is your Best Friend

Remember, all the work you get will come through a communication point. Be sure you are easy to contact and that you have a website so people can see your photographs. If people can’t contact you or see your work, they can’t hire you. If you don’t want to spend money on a website is a great option, or just upload some photographs to or a blog website. Any website is better than nothing. But, if having a quality website on or can get you just one more job, then its monthly fee will pay for its self very quickly.

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