New 2200 Sq. Ft. Studio! New Canon Cine Lens Set!

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71’x32’ (2200 Sq. Ft.) Millionair Studio- $250 a 24 hour day or $25 an hour.

61’x32’ Red Finch Gallery - $250 for 6-10pm Weekday Evening. $350 For weekend evening.

Free tee shirt with $100 rental (See Photograph)

Canon Cine Six Lens Prime Set $250

We now have a 71-foot by 32-foot studio with a 13-foot-high ceiling. That’s over 2,200 square feet of studio space. It features a garage door and is mostly underground with thick 2-foot concrete walls so it is the most temperature controlled space you can imagine. Sound does come through the garage door but once I solve that problem it will be sound safe to and we, of course, have changing rooms, a bathroom, and all the lighting and camera gear you need.

The Beginning of the end of cable

Below is a quote from The Wall Street Journal story Disney’s Channels: Children are Tuning Out

“According to Nielsen (Disney), among people ages 2 through 34, prime-time viewing has dropped by 34% in the past five years.”

Isn’t that crazy! A 34% drop in prime-time viewership in five years. Disney’s cable channels, which includes ESPN, are some of the most popular on cable. This is truly the beginning of the end for cable. I feel one of the primary cause is that there is just more competition. Your tween can watch a Lindsey Sterling video online and a college student can watch sports highlights on YouTube. Consumers just have more choice. Cable will never be as big as it once was. I also feel that cable is more venerable to be hurt by Netflix and Amazon Prime Video than theatrical release. In many ways, Netflix is the perfect cable and they are making better content than most all cable channels.

As film goes through a major transformation with production (think RED Camera) and disruption (think YouTube) is democratized, I propose a new mentality in filmmaking. One of openness and kindness. Honestly, this new attitude is also a necessity because it used to be that the JFN (Jerk Film Network) could be that way because they had access to the equipment (think Panavision) and the distribution channel (think movie theaters). So, they could make fun of everyone on the outside. Now we are all Hollywood insiders. With $350 a day you and get a RED camera that has shot major feature films or killer series like House of Cards. You can put it on YouTube and have the same distribution potential as HBO. It’s a great time to be in film and video production.

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