Red Finch Film Festival And Gallery Opening this Weekend!!

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Our Festival is running October 5th-7th!

Gallery Opening is Friday, October 6th!


Red Finch has its hands full this weekend with its first annual Film Festival as well as its best Gallery Opening yet. The Festival ( will run from October 5th through 7th; with over 250 submissions everywhere from Dance to Documentary, submitted everywhere from Utah to Uganda. The Festival will be screening their official selections at Red Finch Rental House on Thursday and Friday from 4-10pm and Saturday from 2-10pm.


Owner and Founder of Red Finch, Mark Hedengren, says, “We were amazed at how many submissions we got and the quality of the films we were able to program. Being just our first year, I had modest expectations but they were exceeded many times over in every capacity.”


Among the judges for the Film Festival are Artistic Director of Center Stage, Kim Delgrosso, Jeremy Coon, Producer of Napoleon Dynamite, and Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker, Brad Barber.


The Gallery Opening ( will be in full swing on Friday the 6th from 6:30-8pm, putting the screenings on hold to celebrate the art and sculptures of Annie K. Blake ( as well as Frank Baker ( The artist will be present along with live music and refreshments.


“My work deals with the layers that build our existence and with human connectedness,” says Blake, “I paint communities to encourage consideration of our dependence on each other and the beauty in our diverse yet shared experiences.”

While Baker’s works reflects his lifetime of making and creating, finding the connections between the material and the ethereal in everyday life. In his work, Baker strives to capture the connections of day-to-day life and the invisible flow of energy in the nature of everything.


Hedengren says, “We’re excited to have a great evening of film, art, and music.”

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