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Many people do not know that we have a nice supply of sound equipment in our inventory here at Red Finch and have everything at excellent rates. A little bit of money and effort in sound goes a VERY VERY long way. The game of sound is basically to have the right microphone in the right place so you get a good signal and then not to mess up that signal in the back end. With the equipment I have available, you can drastically improve the sound in your productions.

Zoom F8 (Mixer/Recorder) price $20
Sennheiser EW 100 (Wireless lav mic) $15
Sennheiser MKH-416 (Shotgun mic) $20
Shure SM7B (Voice Over or ADR) $9
CAD Acoustic-Shield (Little studio for mic) $5

With this setup, you could do the sound for most any project with a budget less than $1 million. Below I’m going to write a review for each mic available from Red Finch, including what it does and why I chose to carry it at Red Finch Rental.

Zoom F8 (Mixer/Recorder)

Let me first say that I was not a fan of Zoom. When the Zoom H4 came out, I didn’t get it and opted for a Sony recorder because it had better mics and recording. That has changed. The Zoom F8 is an excellent mixer/recorder. Its sound quality is wonderful and I find it very easy to use. The F8 has a lot of solid high-end features such as Time Code. The monitoring headphone amp sound color isn’t as accurate as the Sound Devices, but other than that the F8 is first rate. I would use it for most any project. You don’t have to take my word for it. Google some reviews and you’ll see almost everyone is having the same reaction as I am. The Zoom F8 also has the advantage that it can be connected to a computer and used via USB. The Sound Devices can’t do this…come on it’s 2017.

Sennheiser EW 100 G3 (I have two of these as well a plug on transmitter)

When I first got into film I asked a BYU professor what I should use for sound equipment. His answer: “It’s hard to go wrong with Sennheiser” It’s a true statement. This wireless lav set will solve many sound problems. I used one for my whole documentary Sundance Skippy and it worked like a champ.

Sennheiser MKH-416 (Shotgun mic)

Put the 416 mic on a boom pole and start filming. This is the industry standard microphone. If you watch anything on TV and many movies, there is a good chance they are using this mic for sound. If you could only use one mic this would be the one to get. Highly directional, it just sucks up sound. It’s really is amazing if you are used to lesser mics.

Shure SM7B (Voice Over and ADR) I have two of these

This mic is used extensively in broadcast radio and for other vocal recordings. Radio Head, Michael Jackson, Glenn Beck, Howard Stern and many others all have used it. Since it can isolate sound and doesn’t pick up interference from computers, etc.,  it’s excellent for voice over and ADR work.

CAD Audio Acoustic-Shield

This is a sound proofing modal that creates a little studio around a microphone to get rid of unwanted reflected noise. This simple solution turns any room into a recording studio.

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